San Sebastián, a city blessed by the stars

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In San Sebastián you can eat very well everywhere, in other words: from restaurant with several Michelin stars to the famous Basque pintxos bars, you can find a piece of culinary art in every restaurant or bar of the city. Many of them are close to our hotel in San Sebastián.

So in the 70’s, a Basque cookers group gave birth to a new culinary style based on creativity, investigation and experimentation. This “author cuisine” increased the Basque recipe book and incorporated new ingredients and preparation methods. It’s from there when the gastronomy was changed and became an art and a hallmark in the city. Their cookers have given reputation and actually are recognized for this gastronomy quality by majority of the world.

In fact, three of five Michelin three stars restaurants of Spain are into the city, complemented with another great selection of restaurants with an amount of 16 Michelin stars, signal of the good daily work of these artists. This fact makes San Sebastian the city with more Michelin stars for square meter in the world.

If you are in the hotel and you want feel live and have a gastronomy experience in some of these prizewinner restaurants, here you can check the list with these 16 Michelin stars giving out in the following restaurants:

Martín Berasategui ***: Awarded with three Michelin stars. Situated in Lasarte, a few kilometers of San Sebastian, you will find a creative cuisine menu based with a traditional flavors. (Price: 110€/124€).


Akelare ***: It’s considerate a jewel in the international creative cuisine. The restaurant has spectacular views of the Cantabrian Sea and of their stoves come up an exceptional gastronomy proposal, with creativity and traditional root are flavors with well-marked tastes and textures. (Price: 94€/146€).


Arzak ***: Basque signature cuisine, research, development and avant-garde. Imagination is the starting point of their creations and then everything happens for a game of contrasting flavors and textures. It’s situated in the centre of the city. (Price: 117€/139€).


Mugaritz **: Situated in a homestead with garden. Dishes through amazing recipes that reveal a fantastic imagination. Interesting tasting menu. Nice desserts. Extensive wine cellar. (Price: 110€/140€).


Kokotxa *: Situated in a homestead with garden. Dishes through amazing recipes that reveal a fantastic imagination. Interesting tasting menu. Nice desserts. Extensive wine cellar. (Price: 110€/140€).


Mirador de Ulía *: It has a privileged situation in one of the mounts that surrounds the city. Reason of that its lounge has a fantastic sea views. Its cuisine is creative, nice skills and quality raw material. (Price: 45€/60€).

Miramón Arbelaitz *: It’s situated in the technological park, with a small bar and a single lounge that it’s distributed in different heights. The chef and also the owner elaborates various menus and an attractive menu through culinary dishes of nowadays. (Price: 50€/74€).


Alameda *: Family business situated in a typical House, next to an avenue. It has an independent bar, a classic style lounge and a pleasant glazed porch. Basque cuisine with current details and nice combined flavours. (Price: 50€/80€).


Zuberoa *: Beautiful Basque farmhouse of XV century with a sturdy and care appearance. It presents a pleasant terrace, two private lounges and a rustic elegant dining-room. Classic cooking of Basques roots in a good level, with excellent points of cooking and a quality raw material. (Price: 69€/88€).

We hope you to enjoy of this culinary city and take the opportunity of live a unique experience in one of these prizewinner restaurants!

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