4 Natural Surroundings near San Sebastian to Enjoy the Autumn Colors

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Autumn is one of the most favorite seasons for many people due to the vibrant and different colors observed in nature. Forests, gardens and mountains are dyed red, yellow and orange, giving us a us a colorful landscape that is a beautiful to look at. Autumn has also arrived in San Sebastian and its surroundings. If you are planning to visit this city in these weeks and stay in our hotel in San Sebastian just a few steps from Donostia there are endless natural parks where you can observe the autumn colors.

If you consider yourself a nature lover, put on a comfortable footwear and explore the wonders of Guipúzcoa. Take note of the 4 parks that we highly recommend to make your autumn travels better!

1.- Aiako Harria Natural Park.

With an area of approximately 7,000 km2, the Aiako Harria Natural Park contains lush and oak forests and elegant streams. Because of its natural beauty, this makes it the best park to enjoy a hike in. This natural park stands out for its three peaks that rise more than 800 meters called, Irumugarrieta, Txurrumurru and Erroilbide.

Aiako Harria Natural Park San SebastianImagen courtesy of www.rutasporgipuzkoa.com

2.- Aralar Natural Park.

The Aralar Natural Park extends to the southeast of San Sebastián, located in the mountain of the same name. It stands out because of the massif Txindoki, with a height of 1,331 meters and one natural wonders of Guipúzcoa. Behind this impressive mountain, peaceful meadows wait to be enjoyed by hikers and the largest beech forest in the region. Aralar is always beautiful, but in autumn it has a special charm.

Aralar Natural Park San SebastianImagen courtesy of parquesnaturales.consumer.es

3.- Pagoeta Natural Park.

The walk through the Pagoeta Natural Park is peacefully silent in autumn. This beautiful place can be reached through the charming village of Aia. The forest is spacious and filled with oak and ash trees. In addition to the idyllic forest, Pagoeta hosts an interesting cultural heritage, such as the mills of Agorregi.

Pagoeta Natural Park San SebastianImagen courtesy of espanafascinante.com

4.- Hermitage of San Telmo.

The Hermitage of San Telmo is located on the Basque coast, on a cliff. Traditionally, it has been a destination for pilgrims that conveys peace. The enclave is idyllic and are magical even with the autumn temperature. It is recommended to observed these traditional cliffs between the green and brown of the vegetation and the blue of the sea.

Hermitage of San Telmo San SebastianImagen courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org

I hope you enjoy an unforgettable stay at the Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra en San Sebastián!

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