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Hotel in San Sebastian, facing the spectacular bay of La Concha.

I am the Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra
Allow me to introduce myself:

Over the years, I have welcomed people from all over the world who have enjoyed strolling along the bay of La Concha in San Sebastian and bathing in the Cantabrian Sea.

I have seen how families and groups of friends have spent the day playing in the sand, or how many spent a day on the island of Santa Clara.

I have welcomed a multitude of people who come to San Sebastian in search of fresh air, sea, mountains and sunsets.

I am a hotel

with a history

I have been here for more than 150 years, welcoming guests who come to enjoy San Sebastian.

My walls and luxury rooms still reflect the shine of the Belle Époque, although every year I renew and adapt to the new needs and comforts that my guests request.



Two businessmen from San Sebastian, Mr. Balda and Mr. Mateu, built me with all the luxuries of the time at number one of the Paseo de los Baños (now Paseo de La Concha) in San Sebastian.



I hosted Isabel II of Spain on her flight into exile.



The Hotel de Londres was moved from the Avenida to its present location in front of La Concha Bay, and so I became the Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra.



Mr. José Urbistondo bought me for 1,400,000 of the old pesetas and since then I have belonged to the Urbistondo family.



They created a 7th floor for me, called “el séptimo cielo” (the seventh heaven) and thus, increased my number of rooms to 167.

Hotel vistas al mar

I have

The best location

To my right, just a few metres away, you can find the San Sebastian Town Hall and the world famous Old Part of San Sebastian.

To my left, La Concha promenade. A promenade that is home to the best sunsets in the Cantabrian Sea.

Behind me is the city centre of San Sebastian, a shopping area full of life and people.

In front of me, La Concha beach, the island of Santa Clara, the boats spending the night in the bay of La Concha and a multitude of good moments.

elena estomba
Elena Estomba
General Manager

I depend on

An experienced
an enthusiastic team

The experience and humanity of my team are one of my greatest treasures. A team with a great preparation and years of experience, a team focused on the client’s needs and on offering their best smile to our guests.


to my environment and my city

I am the greatest lover of San Sebastian,
and I am fortunate to be in front of its Sea,
which comes and goes,
to remind us of our common history,
our secret pact: the privilege of our location has a responsibility,
to contribute creating value to our city.

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