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San Sebastian is the perfect city to wander through the streets in the old town, taste the famous “pintxos” and stroll along La Concha bay. There are so many things to see in San Sebastian… These are the top 10 tourist attractions of the city. You have to visit them during your stay at the hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra.:

El paseo Nuevo

The new ride goes from the harbour to the Kursaal palace along the Monte Urgull and the Old Town. Here you are at the closest point of San Sebastian to the beautiful island of St. Klara. Surely you will notice our hotel on the beach on Concha Bay. If you keep walking you will be in front of an incredible light show: the Kursaal. So, don’t miss this walk but be careful …if the sea is angry you can get wet!

La Catedral del Buen Pastor

Located on the square by that name, it was built in 1897 in the Gothic style. The floor map is rectangular, formed from a symmetrical Latin cross with three naves, a transept and a chancel. It is built with stones from the quarries of Mount Igueldo. The windows of Juan Bautista Lázaro, gargoyles and elaborate pinnacles are very characteristic of this building. Also The cathedral organ deserves a particular mention; it is considered one of the largest in Europe. Since 1953, the monument holds the rank of cathedral.

La parte vieja

The old city. It is situated at the foot of Mount Urgull, wedged between the harbour and the mouth of the river Urumea. It is probably one of the most characteristic areas of San Sebastian and a center of attraction and fun. It is worthwhile to wander through its streets and taste the typical ”pinchos”.

El Peine del Viento

Las tres famosas esculturas de Eduardo Chillida se encuentran al final de la playa de Ondarreta. Están incrustadas en las rocas justo a unos pocos metros sobre el mar. Cuando el viento sopla fuerte, empuja las olas contra las esculturas. El peine del viento se ha convertido con los años en el emblema de la ciudad. Aquí el arte humano se une a un increíble espectáculo natural.

El Monte Igueldo

This is one of the mountains guarding the bay of La Concha. You can reach the top of the hill by cable car. From there you will enjoy spectacular views of the city. Just at the end of the railway you’ll find the Igueldo amusement park.

El Monte Urgull

The mountain standing just across the gulf is the Urgull. From this mountain you will have another perspective on the city. The walk up from the old part of San Sebastian to the top takes about 20 minutes. The mountain offers many trails and roads to get lost and enjoy nature.

El Aquarium

It is the oldest in the country. Its recent renovations have made it a highly ecological building. It is probably the most visited attraction in the city. Thanks to the fantastic glass tunnel the children will have a blast.

El Museo de San Telmo

It is the flagship museum of the city, reopened in 2011. Its permanent exhibition shows the evolution of individuals in the Basque society. During all year you will find temporary exhibitions.

Palacio Miramar

Former summer residence of the Spanish monarchy, the Palacio Miramar houses today the College of Music in San Sebastian and is used for large events. Its gardens are well worth a visit.

Ayuntamiento de San Sebastián

The city hall building is one of the most beautiful of the city. It is located next to La Concha Bay, surrounded by gardens Alderdi Eder.Spring is the best time to visit this area, you can enjoy a relaxing walk immersed in art and nature.

If you want to discover all the sights of this wonderful city just spend one week in here.

We would be very happy to welcome you in our hotel in San Sebastián.

I hope you have a great experience during your stay in Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra and enjoy your time in San Sebastian.

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