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What to do In San Sebastian
Your guide to discover Donostia

What to see in San Sebastian, where to eat and much more.

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Remote work by the sea / Werken op afstand voor de zee

Work for a few days in an incomparable setting. And make your day a unique experience, enjoying the best that our beautiful city has to offer: culture, art and gastronomy.     Enjoy your work like never before with this offer that we have designed especially for you: 15% discount on the sale price on […]

10 Things to see in San Sebastian

10 Cosas que Ver en San Sebastián

San Sebastian is the perfect city to wander through the streets in the old town, taste the famous “pintxos” and stroll along La Concha bay. There are so many things to see in San Sebastian… These are the top 10 tourist attractions of the city. You have to visit them during your stay at the […]

4 Natural Surroundings near San Sebastian to Enjoy the Autumn Colors

entornos naturales

Autumn is one of the most favorite seasons for many people due to the vibrant and different colors observed in nature. Forests, gardens and mountains are dyed red, yellow and orange, giving us a us a colorful landscape that is a beautiful to look at. Autumn has also arrived in San Sebastian and its surroundings. […]

4 Places in Donostia Where You Can See the Breaking Waves

ver olas romper

Very often, the coast of Gipuzkoa offers an impressive show thanks to giant waves braking over Pasealeku Berria, the street surrounding Mont Urgull. On rainy days, the sea is a real spectacle that is worth enjoying, with the waves crashing against the rocks. On the one hand, San Sebastián can’t be understood without trying its’ […]

5 Interesting Facts about San Sebastián Technical Park

Parque Tecnológico de Donostia

San Sebastián Technical Park is a talent incubator. And not without reason, as it is host to a network of businesses and research centers, mainly focused on technology. It’s an enclave in which innovation is key and has one of the most advanced telematic infrastructures in the country. The future is becoming the present at […]

5 ideas to enjoy the Tamborrada, the great day of San Sebastián

Tamborrada en San Sebastián

With sadness we leave 2016, an important year for San Sebastián. During 12 months our nice city fought with pride the distinction from the European capital of culture, a period in which it has shined of its own light, and even more. We hope you had a chance to stay at our hotel in San […]

5 sculptures under the sky of San Sebastian : You Know them all

esculturas en san sebastian

The summer is not a place to settle in San Sebastian, so it’s a good time to plan some outdoor activities. What we want on sunny days is living the city from the streets and enjoying the happy season. If you are thinking of staying at our hotel in San Sebastian in the coming days […]

Best Pintxos bars – Old town San Sebastián

Bares de Pintxos en la Parte Vieja

Want to go for tapas or pintxos in San Sebastian? Throughout the entire Old Quarter (Lo Viejo, Parte Vieja) of San Sebastian locals spread offering a wide variety of pintxos, on every corner and street of Old Part of Donostia can try a wonderful culinary masterpiece in miniature, getting it through a wooden stick. Mandatory, […]

Arrives in Pasaia by boat from San Sebastian: everything about this journey

During the summer season the plans and activities multiply. It’s time to go to the beach, walk through the emblematic neighbourhoods of San Sebastian and, in short, enjoy the outdoors. If you are thinking about going to Donostia this summer, we encourage you to stay at our luxury hotel in Donostia and make the most […]

A “friendly” glass of wine? Wineries of San Sebastián

Descubre las mejores bodegas de San Sebastián con Hotel de Londres. Visita nuestro blog  para conocer más sobre la ciudad.

From the centennial to the modern ones, the wineries of San Sebastian are the perfect place to meet up with friends between bottles and barrels. In the article you’ll find our top wineries in San Sebastian, with friendly ambience and delicious wines and plenty of stories and anecdotes. Many of them are close to our […]

La Cabalgata de Reyes Magos: how they celebrate in San Sebastián

Reyes Magos en San Sebastián

One of the most magical days of the year is January 5th, because in Spain that’s when the Reyes Magos (the three kings) go from house to house leaving gifts. But before that happens, to whet your appetite, you’ve got to go to the parade, or cabalgata. In San Sebastián it’s also one of the […]

New Year’s Eve in San Sebastian

Fin de Año en San Sebastián

Every country has its own traditions to welcome the new year, for example in Italy it is usual to have lentils, or in the United States where you should give a kiss at the end of the countdown. So, we want to introduce you to some of the oldest traditions celebrated in San Sebastian, and […]

Traditional cuisine in San Sebastian (Part 1)

Cocina Tradicional de San Sebastián

Today’s chapter is dedicated to San Sebastian’s cuisine. Which are the typical Basque dishes? What do we need these preparations? In which restaurants will you find these traditional dishes? How much will they cost you? In our article you’ll find an answer to all these questions and lot more… Are you a foodie traveller? Check […]

Traditional Recipes San Sebastain (Part 2)

Receta Tradicional con pescado

Back to the kitchen with our blog. Today we complete a chapter about traditional Basque Recipes (if possible to do this in the case of Donostia) that we opened 2 months ago. In our article you’ll find more recipes and restaurants to enjoy during your stay at our hotel in San Sebastian. Within the SEAFOOD […]

Shopping in San Sebastian

compras en san sebastián

San Sebastian is not only the city of Michelin stars, the film festival and amazing beaches it is also a shopping paradise. After all the delicious Pinxtos and exciting events it is time to spoil yourself with some presents. Go shopping during your weekend break in San Sebastian! The fall weather will be kicking in […]

Do not miss this summer! Visit the Island of Santa Clara

Isla de Santa Clara San Sebastián

There are many reasons to visit San Sebastian in summer, but we’ll give you one more. At this time of the year, Island of Santa Clara is much more accessible than during the rest of the year. It is, without doubt, one more way to enjoy Donostia, a privileged city that can boast of having […]

San Sebastian Carnival arrives, do you know about this party?

carnaval san sebastian 1The countdown has already begun. There are few days left for our beautiful streets to flood again with color and joy. As you may have guessed, 2017 Carnival is almost here. This year will be held from Thursday 23 to Monday 27 February, a perfect excuse for you to visit San Sebastian. […]

Traditional sports in San Sebastian

deportes tradicionales

Euskadi’s Popular culture is very strong and deep roots. In all fields, and sport is no exception, Basques have developed unique and sometimes peculiar activities. During your stay at our hotel in San Sebastian you can enjoy, or even participate, some of the traditional sports in Donostia. Here our list with the most important along […]

De ruta por los puentes de San Sebastián

puentes de san sebastián

One of the hallmarks of San Sebastian is the Urumea river that crosses the city before flowing into the Cantabrian Sea. If you are planning to spend a few days in San Sebastian and going to stay in our hotel in San Sebastian, you should plan these bridges into your preparations for your visit. San […]

Discover the charm of the Plaza de la Constitución

Plaza de la constitucion

The Plaza de la Constitución is a square located in the Old Part of the city of San Sebastián, in the Basque Country, Spain. The city’s biggest parties and events are usually held in this square, with its arcades as its main feature, such as the Tamborrada de San Sebastián or the Santo Tomás day […]

El Cementario de los Ingleses: a Historic Corner in Donostia

Cementerio de los Ingleses

Most views in San Sebastián have certain elements in common. One of these is the enormous Mount Urgull, which is visible from numerous places throughout the city. At its peak, you will find one of the tourist attractions par excellence of the Donostian capital: El Castillo de la Mola. However, that is not the only […]

Mount Urgull: the most spectacular viewpoint in San Sebastian

Mirador Monte Urgull

Monte Urgull is not only the most incredible viewpoint of San Sebastian, but also one of the hallmarks of San Sebastian landscape. Next to Monte Igueldo, it is the guardian of La Concha Bay, forming a panorama that is hard to match. Despite being one of the most emblematic treasures of the city, not all […]

Pintxo-pote: Join Sebastián’s Newest Gastronomic Trend!

Pintxo Pote en San Sebastián

The food scene is one of San Sebastián’s many attractions. In fact, it is the major draw for many visitors. This time we’d like to tell you about one of the new customs connected to eating and drinking will that is really catching fire. Yes, you heard right! A new tradition has recently arrived in […]

Christmas in San Sebastián: 7 Ideas for Celebrating the Holidays

There are still a few weeks left before the most wonderful time of the year, but you can already see how businesses and other locations are starting to gear up for the holidays. If you plan to spend some of your Christmas holidays in San Sebastián, we’ll give you a few suggestions so you can […]

Staff Hotel de Londres: Idoia Arrebola

Idoia Arrebola

Here a short interview with Arrebola Idoia, recently incorporated in the team of our hotel in San Sebastian as director assistant. “Since few weeks I joined the team of the Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra. The first thing that impacted me was the warmth of my teammates and this incredibly charming place …. ” […]

3 guided tours to get to know San Sebastian beyond the usual

San Sebastian attracts immediately. The Paseo de La Concha, Mount Igeldo, the beach of Ondarreta or the Old Town are some of the spots that you simply can’t miss during your visit in Donostia. But remember that our city has many more faces and all of them are worth visiting. If you are looking to […]

The reopening of youth place Kontadores: take note of the acitivities!

The youth of San Sebastian have had a cultural and leisure space since the 12th of September. The Youth Center of Budebieta, named ‘Kontadores’, reopens its door with a wide range of programs and activities specially designed for the public age 18 to 30. Whatever your hobby might be, you will surely find some activity […]

What do you know about Basque pelota? Take advantage of your visit to Donostia to attend a game!

Basque pelota is the native sport of the region. It’s a sport that is deeply rooted in the culture and the Basques treat religiously. If you are curious to know more about this sport and you are going to visit San Sebastian soon, we’re going to propose a plan to you that is hard to […]

Discover la Zurriola Beach

Zurriola Beach is one of the three beaches of San Sebastian. With a length of 800 meters, it is now a top spot for young people and surfers. The ideal alterego of the elegant calmer beaches of Ondarreta and La Concha. This incredible beach is the amazing setting of the Jazz Festival of San Sebastian […]

The Mountains of San Sebastian

© Donostia San Sebastián Turismoa

Donostia San Sebastian is surrounded by three colossal mountains that have protected all the beautifulness of the city for centuries. Monte Urgell, Monte Igueldo and Monte Ullia have much to offer you. Centuries old ruins, breathtaking views and even the only roller coaster in the world built in a location so unique, are just a […]

5 flea markets in Donosti

mejores mercadillos de donosti

San Sebastian hosts a various range of markets that welcome tourists all year long with different kind of products. Those flea markets are particularly recommended to tourists that would like to discover Donosti off the beaten tracks and what is mentioned in tourist guides or for those who prefer charming street markets than going to […]

San Sebastian, surrounded by lovely villages

alrededores de san sebastian

San Sebastian is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. The principal reason for this is its amazing beaches, great city centre and the typically Basque and world famous gastronomy. But once you visited the city and have a little time left during your stay in our hotel, it is a great opportunity to […]

San Sebastian Churches – Cultural visit

Iglesias de Donostia

San Sebastián offers travelers several options for both leisure and cultural entertainment. Its history and its architectonical beauties are as much important as its wonderful location and a wide and varied cultural heritage. Today we’d like accompany you in a walk through the old town and the Herdialdea part of the city to visit the […]

The 8 panoramic views of San Sebastian that you can not miss!

Panorámicas de San Sebastián

Finally, the summer is here! The days are longer, the temperatures are more pleasant and you feel like going out for a walk in this beautiful city. The holidays start for many of you and there is no better destination to enjoy them than in San Sebastian. During summer, Donostia acquires more light and color, […]

Enjoy open air – Gardens and parks in San Sebastian

Jardines de San Sebastián

This week we will propose you a guide to the best gardens and parks in Donostia. Enjoy your stay at our hotel in San Sebastian with partner, family, children, friends and take a walk in open air space. Most of these parks are few minute walking from our hotel in San Sebastián. Get started! There […]

A route through the best art galleries in San Sebastian

Vetusart galeria de arte

We are already in May! A month of preparation for the summer, of bright days and warmer temperatures. It is an ideal time to make trips and discover new places. Do you want to visit San Sebastián? During this month, the city offers various proposals for all audiences and preferences. On this occasion, from Hotel […]

Top 10 Pintxos Places in San Sebastián

Mejores Pinchos de San Sebastián

San Sebastián, The Pintxo Capital of the Basque Country. You might know them, those culinary treasures on a stick. But where do you find the best in our town? Here our personal top 10 Pintxos places to enjoy during your holiday in San Sebastián. Before you even think about enjoying Pintxos there are some basic […]

The 5 best souvenirs to buy in Donostia

Souvenirs para Comprar en Donostia

After a trip there are always experiences, the photographs and, of course, the memories. Part of it, are the souvenirs that are tangible memories to keep forever, whose job is to make us smile every time we see them. In the Basque Country and, in particular, in San Sebastián, fairs and craft establishments always delight […]

Santo Tomas in Donostia San Sebastián

txistorra en santo tomas

Santo Tomas day, December 21, is celebrated throughout the entire Basque Country although celebrating it in San Sebastian be very special. This wonderful celebration of rural origins of our culture dates back to the nineteenth century. The day originally coincided with the payment of land rents . On this day San Sebastián is turned into […]

Six plans to enjoy San Sebastián with children

txuri urdin

Traveling with children does not mean that you can not have fun on vacation. On the contrary, it can be an opportunity to know a city from a different perspective. If you are planning to spend a few days at our hotel in San Sebastián we have created a list of things to do with […]

San Sebastián, a city blessed by the stars


In San Sebastián you can eat very well everywhere, in other words: from restaurant with several Michelin stars to the famous Basque pintxos bars, you can find a piece of culinary art in every restaurant or bar of the city. Many of them are close to our hotel in San Sebastián. So in the 70’s, […]

Discover everything you can do in Playa de la Concha

vista de la concha

La Concha is not only the most famous beach of San Sebastian, but also one of the most popular nationwide. Therefore, during your stay at our hotel in San Sebastian it is advisory to make some time and explore the area and get to know San Sebastian’s beauty. Before we tell you which sites you […]

Feet in the sand and mouth opened: la Concha Beach

playa de la concha

If you have been at our hotel in San Sebastian you have certainly enjoyed the wonderful views over the Bay of La Concha and its amazing golden sand beach … To celebrate its beauty, today we are going to talk about the Pearl of San Sebastian: Playa de la Concha. Its stroll, very well known […]

5 ideas to spend the night in Donosti

Planes Nocturnos en San Sebastián

San Sebastian is a city to be visited during the day, to be amazed of when the sun goes down and to be experienced at night. During your stay at our hotel in San Sebastián, you will get the chance to enjoy the last hours of the day, the Donostian way. Nightclubs, bars or casinos […]

Walking through the Market Bretxa

San Sebastian is a great destination for all types of leisure but undoubtedly many come to our city thanks to the popularity of our exquisite gastronomy. The restaurants of San Sebastian are often mentioned on best journals, television programs and culinary events all over the world but not so often Donostia’s Marketplaces do so. The […]

Miramar Palace: discover a centennial gem in San Sebastian!

Palacio Miramar San Sebastián

There are several attractions in San Sebastian. One of the most surprising and not as well known as it should be, is the Miramar Palace. Located in a privileged environment, right on the top of a promontory overlooking the Bay of La Concha, this palace of the late nineteenth century is presented as one of […]

Christmas in Donostia San Sebastian

Navidad en Donostia

The most wonderful time of the year when millions of people get together and everything looks like magic. In every corner of the world Christmas has its unique character, and here, in Donostia San Sebastian, we would like you to join it as a donostiarra (people who live in San Sebastian) in our Hotel de […]

The 5 Museums of San Sebastián

Mejores Museos de San Sebastián

San Sebastián has extensive range and variety of museums to satisfy the curiosity of its visitors. History, science, technology, oceanography, art and other interesting expositions are available among its thematic museums. Many of them are just five minute walk far from hotel in San Sebastián. We’d like to show you the 5 most interesting museums […]

Visit the Aquarium in San Sebastian

tiburon de aquarium

Discover with us the incredible Aquarium of Donostia. Ideal for a visit with the whole family and take advantage of an instructive morning during your stay at our hotel in San Sebastián. Enjoy the most spectacular Atlantic fishes but be careful with the sharks … The Aquarium of San Sebastian is one of the most […]

Hungry in the morning?

Desayunos y Meriendas en San Sebastián

Waking up in Donostia is already wonderful. Your day can continue even better if you full your stomach with an exquisite breakfast in a charming bar… Here our small selection of Bars for a breakfast or mid-morning snack. Enjoying some fantastic gastronomic experience during your stay at our hotel in San Sebastian. Possibly you woke […]

Best restaurants in the Basque Country

mejores Restaurantes del País Vasco

The current cutting edge of gastronomy in the Basque Country is made up of leading chefs who have created the new Basque cuisine…Which is the secret of the Basque cuisine? The answer we mostly like lies in some words that Juan Mari Arzak pronounced two years ago during an event in San Sebastian: “In cuisine, […]

Beaches of Donostia – San Sebastián

Playas de Donostia-San Sebastián

You might have booked your weekend trip to San Sebastián because of the many famous restaurants in our city, or because you can’t wait to explore the great shopping life. But next to all this we cannot imagine you have never heard about our beautiful beaches. To get you started read more here about the […]

Family Activities for this Christmas in San Sebastián

Actividades en Familia para Navidad

Christmas is here, you can smell it and feel it in the air! The most magical time of the year has arrived. It is one of the best times to know this city, all decked out for the occasion. The Christmas atmosphere of Donostia is unique, its illuminated streets, bars and restaurants, shops and activities […]

What to see in Gipuzkoa? (I): 3 plans on the seaside

Planes en Gipuzkoa

Are you thinking of planning a trip around Gipuzkoa during your holidays in San Sebastian? It is a good idea, because, beyond our beloved Donostia, Gipuzkoa has a lot to offer. Nature, museums, gastronomy… So much so that it is worth to get to know the province from the coast to the inland, from the […]

San Sebastián’s Monte Igeldo: how to climb it and what to do

Monte Igeldo

onte Igeldo isn’t just one of the symbols of San Sebastián, but also on if its main tourist attractions. And with good reason! The best views of la Concha bay always come along with this inseparable mountain to the west of the city. Would you like to uncover its secrets? Belowe we’ll give you some […]

Cristina Enea Park: visit the main green lung of Donostia

Parque Cristina Enea

It seems that spring is late this year, but little by little the thermometers are beginning to rise. When the sun shines, it’s time for parks! In San Sebastian there are a good number of them, but if we had to highlight one, that would be the Cristina Enea Park. Located in a privileged place […]

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