Top 10 Pintxos Places in San Sebastián

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San Sebastián, The Pintxo Capital of the Basque Country. You might know them, those culinary treasures on a stick. But where do you find the best in our town? Here our personal top 10 Pintxos places to enjoy during your holiday in San Sebastián.

Before you even think about enjoying Pintxos there are some basic rules:

  • Use your hands, pintxos are small bites so no cutlery needed.
  • Sit at the bar, this makes you right on time when new pintxos are being brought from the kitchen.

In the city centre of Donostia you’ll find:

1. Bar la Espiga: On the first floor an elegant table is inviting you to enjoy the many displayed pintxos. The atmosphere is relaxed but elegant with round tables, white table linen and big paintings made by local artists. Their specialty is “Jaliscos”, which is an original local Basque tapas made of ham and topped with a mushroom looking like a Mexican sombrero.

2. Rojo Y Negro: A local bar perfectly located for a break from your walk by the La Concha Bay. It is a nice spot to just have a caña (drafted bear). Enjoy your drink with one of their many delicious pintxos. The kitchen is open the entire day. No siesta in between for this great place just meters away from the la Concha Bay.

3. Bar Iturrioz: Open since 1935 Iturrioz has developed itself to a modern restaurant with high class small dishes. Try the chicken lolly-pop with aioli on the side because it is fun. But hey aren’t we forgetting something? Seafood! Definitely have the scallops or see fillet steak.

4. Bar San Marcial: One of the most traditional places in this list. Bar San Marcial is just meters away from our very own Hotel de Londres and therefore a very personal recommendation. Try the Gavillas, which is their pintxo specialty. It is made out of little cheese balls, ham and other sorts of meat. Excuse us for a second, we’re going to get us some right now.

Ok we’re back and stuffed. Or? Well there is always some space left. Let’s take you to the historic hart of the city:

5. Bar Ganbara: The Common vision Jose and Amaia had 25 years ago still turns out to be very successful. Quality products and a unique selection of Pintxos makes Ganbara one of the best restaurants in the old part of San Sebastián. To complete your dinner, choose one of the delicious Spanish wines from their own wine cellar.

6. Bar Egosari: Located in the busy and well known street Fermin Calbetón, this bar is a great resemblance of how the city looked like many years ago. The interior of their chic dining room even matches the old traditional Basque Farm Houses. Specialties go from the oven-baked “spider crab” to a real heavy “Galician beef T-bone steak” (500g).

7. Bar Zeruko: Recently the chefs of Zeruko brought home a price, because the third best pintxos in the Gipuzkoa are being served right here. Need we say more? Try it and decide for yourself.

8. Bar Tamboril: Great place to sit outside on the square and just take in the surroundings while enjoying their best pintxos. The square is surrounded by a former bullfight arena and if you’re lucky you might come across some traditional dancing.

9. Bar Gandarias: The specialty you definitely need to try at Gandarias? Pig Nose! We have had guests who went back to Gandarias every day during the Holiday in San Sebastián just for this dish only. One bridge too far? Try the mouthwatering Roasted Lamb or Sirloin steak. Meat lovers this way please!

10. A Fuego Negro: Eat Drink Listen Watch and Learn, that is how they do it at A fuego Negro. They have placed their bets on convincing us with their 11 course menu. It worked! Of course it is small courses, so do not worry. The relaxed atmosphere is completed by their perfect choice of music.

Having so many tips you might as well start your own Pintxos Route. Hop in every bar on our list and ask for their most special Pintxo. Enjoy your culinary holiday in Spain. Buen provecho!

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I hope you enjoy an unforgettable stay at the Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra en San Sebastián!

If there is anything we can assist you with please do not hesitate to ask our staff.

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Elena Estomba Garín
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