Traditional cuisine in San Sebastian (Part 1)

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Today’s chapter is dedicated to San Sebastian’s cuisine. Which are the typical Basque dishes? What do we need these preparations? In which restaurants will you find these traditional dishes? How much will they cost you? In our article you’ll find an answer to all these questions and lot more… Are you a foodie traveller? Check out our gastronomic getaway. Let’s start!

A “soft” start for running longer: vegetable dish. The typical dish is “Revuelto de perretxikos” (Scrambled eggs and mushrooms).

The recipe is as follow:
Ingredients: 1 kg. perretxikos (Basque mushrooms) , 10 eggs , olive oil and salt. Recipe: clean with a cloth and slice the mushrooms, put perretxikos saute with a little salt over low heat until they are well cooked. Pass them to another pan with a little oil over high heat and add unbeaten eggs and salt to taste. Stir and don’t cook too much.

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Where to find this dish ? The restaurant Casa Alcalde : for 11 € , located Calle Mayor, 19. The Phone is 943 42 62 16. Web

You prefer meat? Then you should go for “Sukalki ”

Recipe is as follows :

Ingredients: 1100 grams of beef (Sukalki), 3 onions , 1 carrot , 1 leek , 2 shallots , 1 green pepper 1/2 red pepper, 5 tablespoons of homemade tomato sauce , 2 teaspoons pepper steak choricero , 1 glass of white wine (200 ml), 1 liter beef stock , 200g of fresh peas and 3 unpeeled potatoes.

The Sukalki is a stew of beef or cow in traditional Basque cuisine.

Basically it is a pre- braised meat, which then adds a sauce made with various vegetables , chorizo pepper and potatoes. You can add other ingredients. Do not heat too much, slow cooking is very important for the dish.

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This dish is so traditional that you often find competitions between amateur chefs in Basque Country.

Where to find this dish? Mugaritz Restaurant, a specialists in culinary creativity and innovation, located in the Village Aldura 20 Renteria 20km from San Sebastian. Phone: 943522455. Web: Web:

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