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San Sebastián offers travelers several options for both leisure and cultural entertainment. Its history and its architectonical beauties are as much important as its wonderful location and a wide and varied cultural heritage. Today we’d like accompany you in a walk through the old town and the Herdialdea part of the city to visit the most beautiful and representative churches of San Seabtian …I hope you’ll enjoy a wonderful stay at our hotel in San Sebastian … A five minute walk Cathedral of the Good Shepherd …

We have chosen for you two great churches so you can enjoy a fantastic afternoon stroll through the streets of Donostia. The obligatory stops are the Basilica of Santa Maria del Coro and the Cathedral del Buen Pastor (Cathedral of the Good Shepherd).

Basilica of Santa Maria del Coro

You will find this wonderful church just at the end of Calle Mayor, at the foot of Mount Urgull, framed by two towers.

This stunning eighteenth century baroque piece of art will leave you unforgettable memories. In this work of art include the Baroque façade churrigueresco hue, dominated by a statue of St. Sebastian Martyr and altarpiece dedicated to the Virgen del Coro, patron of the city. If you look from afar the structure seems to bulge directly from the slopes of Mount Urgull.

The church is rectangular with a semicircular apse and secondary units. In the northern part at the bottom you’ll find the nave Santa Maria. The octagonal pillars reach up their hooks a height of 15 meters, as the central vault with a height of over 27 meters.

Entering, on you right hand, you will find the pulpit. The most spectacular feature is undoubtedly the Chigi Chapel. This harmonious and uni que space was designed by Rafael and completed by Bernini. Rafael himself also designed the mosaics of dome which were putted in place, afterwards, by Luigi de Pace in 1516. The sculptures of the chapel are also outstanding, especially Habakkuk and the Angel of Bernini and Lorenzetto Jonah

Cathedral del Buen Pastor

Coming out of the Church of Santa Maria del Coro, entering in Calle Mayor, you’ll see right in front of you, in the distance, you’ll see the whole shape of the Cathedral del Buen Pastor ( Cathedral of the Good Shepherd)…A really nice detail..

This Church, located in the Ensanche de Amara, was designed by architect Sebastian Manuel de Echave. The church opened in 1897, covers an area of 1,915 square meters.

This spectacular Cathedral is the most notorious religious building our city. This incredible building was created following the rules of the Gothic architecture. The very sharp needle, which make this building the highest of the whole town, clearly shows this aspect.

Entering the nave, as wide and bright (weather permitting), will give you a feeling calm and serenity. It is built with ashlar sandstone from the quarries of the Mount Igueldo and endowed with abundant decorations. Moving to the end of the Basilica we will find the altar dedicated to the Good Shepherd. On this piece of art the most outstanding elements are statues of Our Lady of Carmen, San Antonio, Santa Teresa and the Sacred Heart. Undoubtedly, the windows are very interesting and characteristic. The seven double windows of the apse represent the twelve apostles and the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and the Virgin. These instill to the whole cathedral an abundant and red light. The side naves also counts with colored windows.. Here ends our walk.

After this mini tour it is already six-thirty in the afternoon. Perhaps you’d like to have a pitxo? Right in front of you, in the arcades, there are some bars. Perhaps they are not the best pintxos bars in town (you’ll find these in the old town) but the atmosphere friendly… Perfect to take one and change of zone …

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