Cristina Enea Park: visit the main green lung of Donostia

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It seems that spring is late this year, but little by little the thermometers are beginning to rise. When the sun shines, it’s time for parks! In San Sebastian there are a good number of them, but if we had to highlight one, that would be the Cristina Enea Park. Located in a privileged place in the city, it represents the perfect plan for any weekend at our central hotel in Donostia. Put on your sneakers and get into nature without leaving the city!

With an area of around 95,000 m2, the Cristina Enea Park is the largest in San Sebastian. Of this extension, approximately 16,000 m2 are dedicated to roads and trails and 1,300 m2 are buildings or ruins. On the other hand, almost 800 m2 of surface are occupied by a majestic pond, one of the most outstanding treasures of the park.

The main entrance is located on the Paseo del Duque de Mandas, next to the Tabakalera building, so your identification will not cost you any work. From here, it opens a dream environment in any season of the year. The landscape is dominated by an enormous diversity of flora and fauna.

Extensive green areas are responsible for sheltering arboreal specimens such as redwood, ginkgo or cedar from Lebanon. As for animal species, on a walk through the Cristina Enea Park it is very easy to see peacocks, midwife toad or stag beetle, among others.

What you can do in the Cristina Enea Park
The Cristina Enea Park lends itself to a good number of outdoor activities. Property of the Dukes of Mandas, Fermín de Lasala and Collado and his wife Cristina Brunetti de los Cobos, was ceded to San Sebastian in the 1920s. Since then, it is an ideal place to walk, ride a bike, exercise or simply enjoy the tranquility.

Also, this park houses a charming palace that, at present, houses the environmental center of Cristina Enea. During the walk, the visitor will have the opportunity to contemplate the ruins of old buildings and, even, to access a viewpoint to see a beautiful panoramic view of the surroundings.

The park is located a step away from the emblematic bridge of María Cristina, in the neighborhood of Egia. Moreover, if you are in the downtown area of San Sebastian, you just have to cross this bridge to get there. It is open every day in uninterrupted hours from 7 am to 9 pm (in winter) and until 10 pm (in summer).

What plan do you have for this weekend? If you stay at our luxury hotel on La Concha Bay, you will feel at home. We will wait for you!

I hope you enjoy an unforgettable stay at Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra in San Sebastián!

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