5 sculptures under the sky of San Sebastian : You Know them all

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The summer is not a place to settle in San Sebastian, so it’s a good time to plan some outdoor activities. What we want on sunny days is living the city from the streets and enjoying the happy season. If you are thinking of staying at our hotel in San Sebastian in the coming days or weeks, you have to know that you have chosen the perfect time to learn about Donostia.

On this occasion, we offer a curious stroll through San Sebastian for you to discover the main sculptures that have been scattered around the city. You get to enjoy an authentic open-air museum which houses works by artists of the stature of Eduardo Chillida or Jorge Oteiza. Do not miss any!

1. Peine del viento : Wind Comb. The most representative sculpture of Donostia is a composition of Basque sculptor Chillida and is located in a setting of unmistakable beauty at Bay la Concha. The combination of wrought iron and bravura waves results in a landscape marveling at the San Sebastian and steals the hearts of visitors. It is in a space where there is no shortage of romantic sunsets.

Peine del viento. Image courtesy of www.flickr.com

2. Homenaje a Fleming : Homage to Fleming. Paseo de la Concha houses many treasures. In this sculpture, also by Chillida, the artist pays special tribute to the inventor of penicillin. The first iron design was made in 1955, coinciding with the death of the scientist. But was not created until 1990 where it was exposed in this magnificent viewpoint.

Homenaje a Fleming. Image courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org.

3. Construcción vacía : Construction empty. In Paseo Nuevo there is an empty Construction sculpture, which stands defiant before the power of the waves. The artist Jorge Oteiza created this work in steel in 1957 more than half a century later and remains a benchmark in the field of contemporary art.

Construcción vacía. Image courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org.

4. Paloma de la paz : Dove of Peace. In the Paseo de la Zurriola, in the neighborhood of Sagües, an imposing sculpture stands with a dove of peace. It was created by the Basque sculptor Nestor Basterretxea in the 80’s as a symbol of coexistence, peace and nonviolence. With a height of over 10 meters, it was designed so that it could withstand winds up to 130 kilometers which is common nearby.

Paloma de la paz. Image courtesy of www.flickr.com.

5. Sagrado Corazón : Sacred Heart. At the top of Monte Urgull, emblematic a sculpture of the Sacred Heart, which has a height of over 13 meters and stands on a base of another 10 meters. The basement houses a local chapel. The image of the Sacred Heart was created by sculptor Federico Coullaut in 1950 and can be seen from the sea four miles away.

sculptures5. Image courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org.

I hope you enjoy an unforgettable stay at the Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra en San Sebastián!

If there is anything we can assist you with please do not hesitate to ask our staff.

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Elena Estomba Garín
Assistant General Manager at Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra

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