What do you know about Basque pelota? Take advantage of your visit to Donostia to attend a game!

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Basque pelota is the native sport of the region. It’s a sport that is deeply rooted in the culture and the Basques treat religiously. If you are curious to know more about this sport and you are going to visit San Sebastian soon, we’re going to propose a plan to you that is hard to refuse. Book a room in our hotel by the beach in San Sebastian as soon as possible to enjoy maximum comfort during your stay. Take note of the places where you can come and spectate our sport!

The rules of the Basque pelota game

The Basque ball is not understood without the existence of a pelota court. Both elements are inseparable and have shaped a whole way of life for as long as we can remember. It is a game with which Basques of all ages have fun participating in, which means that knowledge is transmitted from generation to generation. Although it is a native activity of the Basque Country, the truth is that it is already played in many other countries such as the United States, Chile, Brazil, the Philippines etc.

The rules are simple. It takes a minimum of two players, who will compete by taking turns at hitting a ball (which is usually made of leather) against. The game is similar to tennis, but the peculiarity of the Basque ball lies in the fact that no rackets or other instruments are used, the players will hit the ball directly with their hand! In fact, the Basque ball is also known as hand ball for this reason.

However, there is another method that helps extend the duration of the game, in which a tip basket (a concave shaped basket that is placed in the hand) is used to hit the ball.

Whatever the style used, the truth is that the Basque ball is a very exciting sport and, at the same time, a great tradition.

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Where to watch a Basque pelota match in San Sebastián

During your visit to San Sebastian, you can take the opportunity to become really invested in this peculiar game. So at Hotel Londres we really recommend you book an afternoon to go to a game. There are several placees in which you can go as a spectator.

One of them is the Frontier Galarreta Jai ​​Alai, located in the town of Hernani. In this place they play in a style referred to as ski lift, a type of peak basket, therefore at a much faster pace. There are games every Thursday and Saturday of the year, so maybe you’ll be lucky and one of these days will align with your visit!

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Another option is to go to the Municipal Fronton Atano III, located on the Paseo de Anoeta de Donostia. It is one of the most emblematic spaces to discover the impressive rhythm that players can reach. We hope you have fun!

I hope you enjoy an unforgettable stay at the Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra en San Sebastián!

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