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San Sebastian is a great destination for all types of leisure but undoubtedly many come to our city thanks to the popularity of our exquisite gastronomy. The restaurants of San Sebastian are often mentioned on best journals, television programs and culinary events all over the world but not so often Donostia’s Marketplaces do so. The market, especially in the New Basque Cuisine, is ideal place to find fresh and always of high quality products. Today we will show the Bretxa market. During your stay at our hotel in San Sebastian you enjoy a great visit to this colourful market…

The route to the Bretxa Market from our hotel is very short and easy. After stepping out of our hotel you have to reach the “Paseo de la Concha” (distance 1 m). Turn on you right to start your walk direction City Hall (distance 500 m). Continue on Boulevard Aldapa, direction Kursaal, and after 100 meters on your left you’ll find the Bretxa Market.

The Bretxa Market edifice,with a neoclassical style, was built in 1870. The facade is stone made with a cupule of iron and glass. The building from outside is very peculiar: right in front of you stands the glass door and windows shaped arches. On the roof the shield of the city and a watch characterizes the building.

The name of the market is rooted in history of Donostia. At the beginning of the eighteenth century, the city was attacked by the troops of the Duke of Berwik, in this action the troops opened two gaps in the wall. One hundred years later, the Anglo-Portuguese troops made their entry into the city for the same place, this is the reason why the building takes gets the name of Bretxa.

Arriving, with the city at your back, on the side the building under a canopy, you will find the top of fruit and vegetables.

Here you can enjoy with the supply coming from the villages surrounding Donostia. Chard vitamin rich, tasty asparagus, broad choice of tomatoes and more adorn the shelves of the typical market. Apart from the abundant choice of vegetables you can find all kinds of locally produced cheese and obviously the best Idiazábal cheeses …

Entering the building you will find several shops, a Mac Donald …you are not the wrong place … you’ll have to go down the escalator to find the Bretxa market.

Here you can find all kinds of meat produced in the country, among which the coveted T-bone steak, the delicious Basque chistorras, prepared meals and of course, chicken houses. The supply of meat and poultry is extensive, with more than a dozen establishments and good references also charcuterie.

But fishmongers are truly the queens of this market … seafood boutiques. One suggestion … on Saturday is the perfect day to visit the market Bretxa …

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