Visit the Aquarium in San Sebastian

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Discover with us the incredible Aquarium of Donostia. Ideal for a visit with the whole family and take advantage of an instructive morning during your stay at our hotel in San Sebastián. Enjoy the most spectacular Atlantic fishes but be careful with the sharks …

The Aquarium of San Sebastian is one of the most modern in Europe. His recent renovations have made a strong ecological structure. It has an acrylic tunnel with a 360 ° view, where visitors , surrounded by sharks and manta rays, feels immersed in marine life. More than 5,000 species are waiting …

This peculiar building is shaped as the skeleton of a whale and was built in 1928.

Enjoy a couple of hours of snorkeling without gas diving bottles in some of the most important marine ecosystems. From coral reefs in the tropics, to the cold waters of the Atlantic, where he will meet face to face with bull sharks, rays, turtles, sea bass.

The modernization of facilities and updating the content and museology conducted in 2008 makes this small museum a reference in the Basque Country.

Hopefully you enjoy a memorable visit and a fantastic stay in San Sebastian!

If there is anything we can assist you with please do not hesitate to ask our staff.

Best Regards,

Elena Estomba Garín
Assistant General Manager at Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra

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