La Cabalgata de Reyes Magos: how they celebrate in San Sebastián

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One of the most magical days of the year is January 5th, because in Spain that’s when the Reyes Magos (the three kings) go from house to house leaving gifts. But before that happens, to whet your appetite, you’ve got to go to the parade, or cabalgata. In San Sebastián it’s also one of the most anticipated parts of Christmas, so plan to visit during those dates. We encourage you not to miss it! When you choose to stay at our hotel in Donostia city centre you’ll be just steps away from the Cabalgata de Reyes Magos.

In 2020, their Majesties King Gaspar, King Melchor, and King Baltasar are planning to return to spread wonder in San Sebastián once again. The cabalgata is a must-see for both children and adults.

The parade kicks off on the Boulevard, a street that will be packed with people starting early in the afternoon. No one wants to miss out on seeing the Reyes Magos pass by! Loaded with joy (and kilos and kilos of candy) the three kings lead a parade through the streets of the city, such as Hernani, Urbieta, Prim, Bergara, and la Plaza Gipuzkoa. It is a circular path that finally returns to the Boulevard.

The best part is that the Reyes Magos won’t be alone. They are accompanied by their traditional train. The traditional txaranga bands dominate, committing themselves body and soul to filling every street they pass through with color. Music, costumes, and sweets are the stars of the day.

Bringing a letter to the Reyes Magos
Any children who haven’t already mailed a letter to their Majesties the Reyes Magos will have the opportunity to do so at San Sebastián city hall. Just before the parade begins, Melchor, Gaspar, and Baltasar will receive the letters the little ones have for them.

January 5th is a busy day for the Reyes Magos, as they also spend the morning going from neighborhood to neighborhood to say hello.

Like every year, they are expected to give out over 2,000 kilos of candy during the parade, to make the most exciting night of the year even sweeter. Without a doubt, it’s the perfect event to finish off your holiday celebrations, with the charming city of Donostia as the backdrop.

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