The 5 Museums of San Sebastián

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San Sebastián has extensive range and variety of museums to satisfy the curiosity of its visitors. History, science, technology, oceanography, art and other interesting expositions are available among its thematic museums. Many of them are just five minute walk far from hotel in San Sebastián.

We’d like to show you the 5 most interesting museums in the city:

Museum of San Telmo-Museum of Basque Society and Citizenship

Located in the heart of the Old Town, has recently reopened after a long rehabilitation. This museum is an exhibition of archaeological, ethnographic, documentary and has great art collections, supplemented by an ambitious program of activities.


It is one of the most modern in Europe. Its recent renovations have made it a highly ecological building. It has an acrylic tunnel with a 360 ° view. There you will be surrounded by sharks and manta and you feel immersed in the marine life. More than 5,000 marine species are waiting for you…

Eureka! Zientzia Museoab

Located in a natural landscape, 10 minutes far from the city centre, Kutxaespacio is interactive popular scientific centre. Its aim is to bring every kind public to understand scientific principles through interactive experiments and manipulating objects. It is ideal to go with the kids …you can also enjoy a fully renovated room with a F1 simulator.

Museo Naval

This museum studies and promotes the history and heritage of the Basque navy, through long-term exhibitions focusing on specific topics. Currently the exhibition “Whale Hunters”, until April 29, 2012, discloses past and present of whaling, with particular emphasis on the involvement of the Basques in this activity.

The House of history

The History Museum San Sebastian is located at the top of Mount Urgull. You are not going to get bored in here. The installation combines different resources used to stimulate interest and surprise visitors. They have also developed interactive elements, always seeking the active participation of people in the exhibition.

Include a visit to one of our favourite museums in your weekend plans. You will not regret it. Have a nice vacation in San Sebastian. Enjoy your stay!

I hope you enjoy an unforgettable stay at the Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra en San Sebastián!

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