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San Sebastian is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. The principal reason for this is its amazing beaches, great city centre and the typically Basque and world famous gastronomy. But once you visited the city and have a little time left during your stay in our hotel, it is a great opportunity to visit the charming villages San Sebastian is surrounded with.

There are many villages that have a special charm in the Basque country, formed by many valleys with short rivers. We give you a little summary with for us the most interesting villages around San Sebastian.


Is a small coast village situated into a protected natural Txinguidi area. The principal attractions are the old part of the town, the Carlos V castle and the fishing neighborhood where you can find the most beautiful decorated houses.


Wonderful old town where you can visit many things like Narros Palace, Lucea tower and Santa Maria church. Near the center you will find beaches, cafes, terraces, pubs and many surfer places. It is this village that has the honor to provide you with one of the most famous restaurants of Karlos Arguiñano.


Getaria is situated 30 km of Donostia San Sebastian, the town is located on a beautiful peninsula in between the San Anton Mountains. The great landscape and many monuments make this city definitely worth a visit.


Is one of the most visited villages around San Sebastian, because of its quality beaches and the Zuloaga Museum. The beach of San Telmo and its respective cliff is a curious geological phenomenon. Other interesting places to visit are the amazing palaces, the Laia Museum, the temple and the famous San Pedro church.


Is also called the noble and loyal town, because of all its religious monuments and places. The Loyola’a Basilica is its most known monument and definitely worth a visit.


Mutriku has a great port built in the XIII century. The centre of the town is one of the older in the Basque country and therefore has all the charm of the Basque. Great gastronomy, nice beaches and a fantastic monument dedicated to a mariner died on Trafalgar are just a few highlights this town has to offer.


This village has many interesting venues to visit related to culture, religion and gastronomy. At the highest peak of the village, you can enjoy fantastic views of the town and its area.


Located in the south-west of Guipuzcoa, situated in the natural park of Aizkorri-Aratz, in the heart of Euskal Herria one of the most beautiful areas in the Basque country. It is the home of numerous of monuments from the Medieval era and century old chapels to visit.

Enjoy these lovely villages and the particularity of the Basque Country.

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