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This week we will propose you a guide to the best gardens and parks in Donostia. Enjoy your stay at our hotel in San Sebastian with partner, family, children, friends and take a walk in open air space. Most of these parks are few minute walking from our hotel in San Sebastián. Get started!

There are 22 parks in total in Donostia (if we didn’t miss any). Here the entire list:

  • Aiete Park , Paseo de France, Araba Park , Park Miramon Park Puio , Amilibia Eustasio Park , Park of Salvador Allende, Otxoki Park , Larratxo Park , Park Harria , Bidebieta Park , Park Urgull , Queen Regent Park – Boulevard, Santa Catalina Park , Park Plaza Zaragoza , Zubimusu Park , Park Plaza Gipuzkoa, Miramar Palace Park , Park Ulía , Cristina Enea Park , Park Ametzagaina , Siustegui Park and Castelao park.

You can also find 3 splendid gardens in Donostia :

  • Gardens Ondarreta Alderdi Eder and the Garden of Remembrance .

Our special recommendation: visit the ” Eureka ! Zientzia Museoa “(” Museum of Science ” ). Located across the street Mikeletegi Pasealekua , 43 of San Sebastián. A cultural visit that includes a small botanical garden in the inside. Their website is: www.eurekamuseoa.es

Here goes our selection of the top 3 gardens:

1.- Our number one is the Cristina Enea Park. It is the largest is town and is located near the North Station:

Some photos of the park:

Mapa itinerante del parque:

2.- Suggestion number 2 is the Aiete Park : The park surrounding the Palace Aiete is a natural setting of great beauty. It is located in the highest areas of the city.

Some photos:

Here the location:

3. – Do you love views? If you have chosen the Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra probably yes … Then Miramar Palace’s Park is for you. This English-style castle located a few meters from the Paseo de la Concha on the western side of Donostia, between the beaches of La Concha and Ondarreta, was built in 1893. The views over the bay and the island of Santa Clara are wonderful.

Some photos of Miramar Palace:

Photo Courtesy of tripadvisor

We hope you found this little guide helpful. The three parks listed are a must in Donostia, either for its wonderful views, the historical and cultural setting or to unwind in a unique place to enjoy contribution of both nature and the wonderful beaches of San Sebastian.

I hope you enjoy an unforgettable stay at the Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra as city of San Sebastian.

Best Regards,

Elena Estomba Garín
Assistant General Manager at Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra

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