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The Plaza de la Constitución is a square located in the Old Part of the city of San Sebastián, in the Basque Country, Spain. The city’s biggest parties and events are usually held in this square, with its arcades as its main feature, such as the Tamborrada de San Sebastián or the Santo Tomás day fair. At just 15 minutes from the beach of La Concha you can enjoy this beautiful square and take some pintxos in one of the most filled squares of history of this beautiful city. Come to Donostia and stay at a Hotel in the old part of San Sebastian next to the beach of La Concha.

The Plaza de la Constitución is the neuralgic centre of the Old Town and certainly deserves to be visited. It is the city’s main square, home to the great local festivities and celebration, such as the raising of the flag on January 20 on the Tamborrada, the city’s big day, or the celebration of St. Thomas Day where chistorra stalls are placed in different points of the city, this place being the most popular.

The Plaza de la Constitución, or Plaza de la Consti, as it is known by all Donostiarras, was built in 1817, by the architect Ugartemendia, one of the people who most participated in the reconstruction of San Sebastian after the devastating fire of 1813.

As soon as you enter the square, you will notice the numbers on each of the windows of the houses overlooking the square. The reason behind this? The square used to be a bullring and the windows were boxes, that you could identify thanks to those numbers. After the construction of another larger bullring in the city, the constitution plaza ceased to be a bullring, but the numbers remain on each of the windows to remember that time.

Nowadays, numerous terraces are all around the square and with a bit of sun, it creates a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere to spend a few hours with friends. Its location in the old town, makes it very attractive as a meeting point. It is also a passage area, leading to the many streets that start from there, usually full of bars with the typical pinchos and tapas.

Do not think twice and get close to this historic city centre, let yourself be impregnated by its history and try some of the most succulent tapas and pintxos in Donostia. Have a beautiful stay at our hotel by La Concha Bay and enjoy this beautiful city with your family or partner.

I hope you enjoy an unforgettable stay at Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra in San Sebastián!

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